About us

Visit a toy store or paper shop. Search for drawing books. Look for pencils and coloring pages. How easy do you find them?
We have created panorama posters with dimensions of 84 by 59 centimeters (33 x 23 inch).

Our panaroma posters are funny, playful, simple, diverse and educative. Children discover, learn and have fun. By coloring or painting children train their motoric skills, learn and name objects in the poster and boost their creativity and self-confidence.

Our drawing studio is located in Antwerp, Belgium (Europe). All our posters are completely made and printed in Belgium.

How we work

First stage of creating a poster is designing it based on a theme. We brainstorm about all items that must appear in the poster and we start sketching. We look at composition and perspective, attributes to be moved, added, or removed.

After a first review the digital sketch is drafted. The paper sketches are put together in one digital blueprint. Essential parts can still be moved or removed. Small elements and details are added. The blueprint is adapted until its quality is sufficient to be inked.

When the blueprint is approved it is digitally inked. The definitive lines are drawn with the blueprint as basis. Spots, dashes, and so on are removed. The final state is the poster ready to be printed.

The finished poster is verified and then goes into production. The image is printed on A1 posters with a dimension of 84 by 59 centimeters (33 x 23 inch) of high quality. They are folded to a smaller size and sent to our cutomers. Once colored or painted the poster can be used as wall decoration.

Do you have remarks, ideas, information for us? Please send an e-mail to info@kaspr.be

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